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  • The only ones I know are: *Ruggero Deodato *Wes Craven *Sam Raimi *Dario Argento *Lucio Fulci *Ed Wood, Jr.
  • Yeah, it is. It has two names that it goes by: Thriller: They call Her One Eye and Thriller: A Cruel Picture. Either one works. But I was just wondering if it was a good enough movie to own.
  • I have heard rumors that they might be releasing Death Proof and Planet Terror together with all the fake trailers in between as Grindhouse on dvd sometime in the future, but i'm not sure if that is true. I hope it is.
  • One of my favorite movies is evil dead as well. I love it with a passion. I am somewhat of a movie buff myself and am also fairly new to the Grindhouse and B-movie genre, but a few that I know and recommend are: Sleepaway camp 1 & 2 Cannibal Ho…
  • Grindhouse is one of my favorite movies! i loved everything about it. Not one flaw could I spot. It definitely reminded me how much fun you could have going to the movies again. But to answer Vex, out of what i know, it sounds like planet terror is …