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  • Serious?  Shut the fuck up Scotty.  This site is old, but not very active.  If someone wanted to create an illusion of popularity, don't you think there'd be more than just a few replies per month?  Dumbass. Didn't you just say the site was not popu…
  • Actually, we weren't a forum before but used WordPress.  I thought the interactivity of a forum might be better.  The community just isn't that active.  Not enough specifically "grindhouse" related to work with. I don't know the members area issue, …
  • Should be interesting.  Have any details on the new one?
  • The DogThe PackBarracudaSurvive!TintoreraBlack AngelsDevil RiderOutlaw RidersRoad Of DeathMark Of The Vampire/The Mask Of Fu Manchu/Dr Jekyll & Mr HydeThe Frozen Death/It!Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster/Curse Of The VoodooAmerican FeverReco…
  • There were only 1,000 copies printed.  Trailers include:Horror HouseCurse Of The Crimson AltarThe Crimson CultHe Kills Night After Night After NightCamille 2000Little MotherSlave Trade In The World TodayTaboos Around The WorldMacabroPornography In D…
  • Moving the old posts to the forum, I didn't want to leave out this great comment by lindsay: i grew up on the drive-in, grindhouse exploitation films of the 70s and some of my favorites were the blaxploitation movies like superfly, shaft, cleopatra…
  • I've never experienced this either, but I wouldn't mind trying it. Didn't they have some portable device to do this too?
  • I remember those Dr Pepper commercials with him!
  • I saw this on cable when I was younger. I was in love with Nastassja Kinski. It was one of those I'd sneak and watch late at night.
  • Wonderful movie. I keep a copy on my macbook so I can rewatch it from time to time. While it didn't exactly scare me as much, it totally scared the hell out of my uncle and still does! lol. Thanks for this memory.
  • I need to revisit this one. I barely remember it except it was popular and I had seen it when I was about 16 or so I think. It was an ongoing joke with a friend of mine because his house was the last house on the left of his block too.
  • Is it bad enough that it's worth seeing because it's so bad? Or is it bad enough that it'd just be a complete waste of time?
  • I think we might still see it. I hope so. "Although originally announced to be released direct-to-DVD as an extra on the Planet Terror DVD, the film is now being produced as a theatrical release." (According to Danny Trejo). Some more information…
  • We are but not related to Robert or Quentin. I think Machete is already made and out soon on DVD? Nope, I was wrong according to IMDB.
  • Ketler, I hope not. I wouldn't judge it yet based on this site, since there's not a lot of effort gone into promoting the site and a lot of people probably just don't know we're here yet. I've been busy with another site through the halloween seas…
  • Haven't seen this one. I'll add it to my list for sure. I'll try to make the distinction at some point for the site, that it doesn't have to focus 100% on grindhouse only type films but should also welcome similiar genres. Myself, I'm especially…