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edited November -1 in Movie Discussion
Directores usually associated with grindhouse or exploitation flicks.

* Kenneth Anger
* William "One Shot" Beaudine
* Larry Clark
* Roger Corman
* Wes Craven
* Joe D'Amato
* Ruggero Deodato
* David E. Durston
* Dwain Esper
* Michael and Roberta Findlay
* Jess Franco
* William Girdler
* Jack Hill
* Lloyd Kaufman
* José Ramón Larraz
* Umberto Lenzi
* Herschell Gordon Lewis
* Radley Metzger
* Russ Meyer
* Fred Olen Ray
* Jean Rollin
* Juan Piquer Simón
* Ray Dennis Steckler
* Melvin Van Peebles
* John Waters
* Doris Wishman
* Ed Wood, Jr.
* Jim Wynorski


  • larry clark?


    and would you consider monte hellman included in anything like this?
  • Fred Olen Ray is one of my favorites.
    I loved "Phantom Empire" and am searching for the sequel.
    I just bought "Deep Space" but haven't seen it yet.

    The guy is a genius. Dinosaurs, half-naked chick, an R2D2 clone, Cybill Danning, and a decent beheading in 1 movie!
  • The only ones I know are:
    *Ruggero Deodato
    *Wes Craven
    *Sam Raimi
    *Dario Argento
    *Lucio Fulci
    *Ed Wood, Jr.
  • I personally associate Larry Clark and Kenneth Anger with arthouse , as opposed to grindhouse, cinema. And, yes Kelter, no list of grindhouse directors is complete without Hellman. Two Lane Blacktop is even referenced in Death Proof. In addition, Abel Ferrara's early films were grindhouse staples back in the 70s and 80s. And let's not forget Frank Henelotter of Basket Case and Frankenhooker fame.
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