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Homemade Grindhouse rip-off

edited November -1 in Movie Discussion

I made a short movie with a couple of friends. The editing didn't go quite right, but we were inspired by Grindhouse movies. I did the directing and would love to have some feedback! Oh and please give GOOD feedback. Not just: fuck this, this isn't even grindhouse or you're stupid :P. Thank you very much!

Grtz Boris,


  • Nice job

    Loved the obscurity of the ending. Johnny cash in a slasher-themed film.

    Overall 3 minutes i enjoyed
  • Thanks a lot! I've made a new movie in the main time, I shall put it on here very soon!
  • Awesome.

    I am working on a double feature at the moment. Similar to the old style Grindhouse Double's. Teaser Trailer for the first half should be up by the end of next week.
  • What's your youtube account? I'll check it out!
  • Scythefilms

    BUt unfortunately we didnt get to shoot the trailer cause my main actor is heading off to Europe in a few days but I will let you know as soon it is done and posted
  • Nice.

    I loved the whistling.

    I would've like to have seen a stronger ending but everything leading up to that is good.

    Hope this helped.
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