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OFFICIAL RELEASE: ReGOREgitated Sacrifice !!

edited November -1 in News
hello GRINDHOUSE !! this is the official release of the second installment of the Vomit Gore Trilogy, ReGOREgitated Sacrifice !!

i am proud to present this movie BY DONATION !! that's right folks ! i want EVERYONE (over the age of 18 duh) to be able to see RS and so it is available for download at:

i wrote, directed, shot, edited, did visual effects, scored the soundtrack and did sound design, authored the dvd, made the drawings for the dvd and web pages, created the website and navigation !

all donations go toward promoting the creation of my films through Kingdom of Hell Productions Inc. and helps with the basic costs of shooting and releasing my films.

i'd really love to discuss and hear what people think! if y'all would like to watch and write reviews here that would be awesome !!


Lucifer Valentine
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