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Black Demons (1991)

edited November -1 in Movie Catalog
If most Grindhouse movies are B movies, is it possible to call this one a D movie?

The premise is that three people are in Brazil and they're going to a remote location. On the way the hero of the story witnesses a Voodoo ritual that gives him the ability to raise the dead into zombies, though he doesn't realize it until much too late for his own good. On their way to the remote location their car breaks down and some good Samaritans give them a place to stay until they can fix the Jeep. That's when the zombies the hero raised attack.

I got to the first zombie resurrection scene and turned the show off. The plot is extremely slow, so slow you have no interest in sitting any longer to see if it will ever pick up. The first resurrection scene takes place at about thirty minutes in. It's CHEESY. The first zombie out of the ground is the classic hand raising through the dirt, but the hand is a worker's glove dyed black and has a latex skeleton print on it.

You can't make this up. I am not kidding.

I made it 35 minutes into the film and shut it off. This movie gets a negative two out of five stars.
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