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For the Love of Drive-Ins...

edited November -1 in Movie Discussion
I, as well as many others, wept at the death of the drive-in theater as we once knew it; the sound of crunching gravel, an airplane flying above, the quirky little cartoon intermissions, and stuffing people in the trunk in order to avoid the extra admission fee. That, to me, was the embodiment of the drive-in movie.

I recall my mother taking me, on a Saturday night, to our local venue called "The Tower Drive-In" in Lorain, Ohio. There, we would sit through 4 or 5 zombie flicks, as I munched on concession stand popcorn and pizza, thinking that this was truly the way to live.

I dont think that I ever truly appreciated those times until I became an adult, and discovered that my beloved "Tower Drive-In" had been reduced to nothing more than a storage facility.

However, I was elated to discover a few drive-ins that are still open in my area. I'll most definitely be frequenting them this summer.

For those of you who can appreciate my bought of nostalgia, here is a link which can help you locate drive-ins, both open and closed, in your area.

All in all, I suppose it was, in fact, NOT the end of western civilization.

Drive-In Database


  • Sadly, I have never been, but I can count the many many stories from friends and family about how fun and awesome drive-ins were.
  • There's a drive in about 20 miles from where I grew up, but I never got the chance to go to it. It's still open but it's too far to drive now, if I had a car.

    I always wondered, how do they get the sound to the car without blaring it too loud over speakers so as to annoy the neighborhood?
  • I missed all this! I wasn't even born. Man, I really would love to just experience one kick-ass grindhouse movie in a drive-in. Drive-in's: R.I.P.!
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