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Psycho is probably one of the best horror movies that makes sense! This movie, although not as violent as i expected to be, is intense in a way that it produces a psychological effect on its viewers. Of Course, I have always like most most of Alfred Hitchcock's films.


  • Psycho was pretty good. I give it a B+. Most people I talk to about that movie talk about how the knife in the bathroom scene was the best part of the movie, but I disagree.

    I think the bit about the mother being around and talking to him was the best part of the movie. Obviously the onus is not on her (she's really dead), but him (he's hearing a dead woman tell him to kill these people)... it explains why he is so violent and unremoreseful. He's mentally ill.

    To me, that made it all the much more scarier because it's something that really could happen.
  • Its definitely diabolical, to say the least. The fact that Anthony Perkins played Norman Bates in the both the original AND the remake was a nice touch.

    Every time I find myself going down an old state route, I think of this movie as I pass the motels with the "Colored TV" signs.

    A little movie trivia: The "blood" used in the infamous shower scene with Janet Leigh, was actually chocolate syrup. The fact that the movie was filmed in black and white, obviously makes the deep brown pigment unnoticeable.
  • She's a good girl, mother...
  • Shes a whore, Norman...A FILTHY WHORE!!...
  • LOL!!! Way to Funny
  • Ah, I love Hitchcock, Id heard about this re make - there are only a few re makes out there that I can say I have honestly enjoyed.
    When I heard about this one, I have to confess I though "Oh no," but you guys seem to be giving it quite a good review and if it is the original Norman Bates, I gotta give it a go I think :) lol
  • in the life story of hitchcock it said he used to have conversations about how to disasemble a dead body and where to hide the pieces in elevators to disturb the people out sharing them with him. thought that was quite funny
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