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Cat People...

edited November -1 in Movie Catalog
Other than "A Clockwork Orange" this film sticks out in my mind more than any other film that I have experienced in my youth. My mother has always been quite open with allowing me to see and experience real life and all that it involved. Therefore,I was allowed to watch R rated films to the envy of my friends. A remake of the 1942 version, "Cat People" is the story of a young, naive woman coming to New Orleans to meet her brother for the first time, and soon discovers the dark secret of her ancestry. The soundtrack was covered by David Bowie which, to me, offers the director additional snaps.

The films stars Malcom McDowell and Natasha Kinski, daughter of veteran actor, Claus Kinski, and was released in 1982.

I have actually met very few people who have heard of, let alone seen this film.


  • I saw this on cable when I was younger. I was in love with Nastassja Kinski. It was one of those I'd sneak and watch late at night.
  • Yes, indeed...the image of her nude profile on screen forced my, at the time, 8 year old cousin into his first
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