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edited November -1 in Movie Discussion
Smell-O-Vision--necessary or irrelevant??

The fact that we, as humans, rely very much upon our senses, plays a critical role on what we portray as reality. Although I have personally never experienced this phenomenon in theatures, I find myself highly intrigued by the concept.

I dont know exactly why this concept was killed off long ago, but I feel that this is certainly something that should experience rebirth--at least in certain circumstances.

What are your opinions on this, people??..


  • I've never experienced this either, but I wouldn't mind trying it. Didn't they have some portable device to do this too?
  • Actually, it came in the form of a large card with various "scents" on it, all labeled with numbers. As soon as the number flashed in the lower right corner of the screen, the viewer would place their nose to that specific number.

    Being that many of these were used in the films of John Waters, I'm certain thatquite a few of the scents were far from pleasant..
  • Smell-O-Vision?

    Hahahaha! I can imagine the stuff they'd have you smell... Sexsploitation video smells, anyone?
  • I've recently become aware that this "scentual" experience was not only issued in the form of cards, but administered through a scent-injection system sometimes placed beneath the theature's seats. The scent releases were usually triggered by the film's soundtrack.

    I would imagine that to become quite confusing, though, once all of the scents began merging together--much like walking through a Sephora department store.
  • I don't think smell can upgrade the level of involment in films. It only makes you more aware you are watching something made.
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