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Whatever Happened to Fae Wray??...

edited November -1 in Movie Discussion
But The Rocky Horror Picture Show is immortal. Between the fanatics keeping its spirit alive, the enormous amount of DVD sales, and shadow casts, this film remains top notch in the cult scene and still leaves some people with a sense of confusion.

This film leaves, nor has it ever left ambivalence--you either love it, or you hate it...

I have often thought of assembling my own RHPS cast for local shows, but I lack both the funding and ability to find a cast. Additionally, the amount of people drawn to the shows in my community would be few and far between. ~Le sigh~

At any rate, if you, or someone you know, has or is involved in a local Rocky Horror Shadow cast, tell us about it!

I'll get the ball rolling by mentioning "Oblivion's Wife and Kids" with a RHPS chapter located in Fremont, OH. I am quite biased when I mention how incredibly dedicated and charismatic these individuals are, but if you are in or plan to be in the area, check them out.

Don't dream it...BE it...

Oblivion's Wife and Kids


  • I always had to work the club when Oblivion's Wife and Kids put their show on. Back then it was in Bowling Green, OH.

    I managed to catch the show several times anyways. It seems to me I was always premature with throwing the rice.
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