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August Underground's Penance...

edited November -1 in Movie Catalog
This is the third, and seemingly final installment of Fred Vogel's August Underground series, and comes to us with scenes of Yuletide cheer. This time around, we're down to the characters portrayed by Whiles and Vogel, but, fret not--there is still enough gore to necessitate a small colony the size of Malaysia.

This particular film was a bit vague in some areas, initially, but it all seems to come together with a bit of rationality in the end. In addition to the antics of the usual suspects, we have the disembowelment of a woman who seems to be in the last trimester of pregnancy, incest, and a complete mockery and bastardization of the average suburban family celebrating the holiday season. Nothing expresses holiday warmth like murder, mayhem, and necrophilia.

All in all, friend Vogel has impressed me, personally, with his willingness to completely leap over the boundaries of the horror genre as we know it.
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