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August Underground Mordem...

edited November -1 in Movie Catalog
This is the second film in Fred Vogel's August Underground series. It seems that the morbid antics of the characters grow exponentially worse as the movies progress. In addition to the two original sociopaths, we have a punky goth chick, played by "Cristie "crusty" Whiles" with amazingly large teeth. Whiles also happens to be the key make up artist for Toetag Pictures, and I must give her snaps for her incredible graphic skills.

This time around, more focus is placed upon the actual morbid deeds than the mundane scenery. Depicted as Vogel's on-screen character, Whiles makes a fabulous addition to the cast with her quirky and care-free, yet murderous nature that would make any aspiring bubble gum goth girl tear up in adoration.

You'll witness vomit, blood, fecal matter,and just about every other human bodily fluid that you can imagine, strewn about the floor and walls of a basement, which is basically their make-shift slaughter house. Moreover, Vogel pushes the envelope even further with scenes of pedophilia in post-mordic form.

This one definitely *more* than satisfies the putrescence in all of us.
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