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The Last Hosue On The Left (SUCKED!)

My wife Diabolique and I just watched The Last House On The Left the other day. I had never watched it before and she had viewed it several times.

I gotta say, this movie sucked. I know it fits ever aspect of the classic Grindhouse movie, and I like the classics, but... well, it just didn't do it for me. The shooting scene where the victim walked into the lake and was shot in the back (of the head? No clarification was given) was pretty good. I gotta give it that. The fight in the father's home? Give me a break. I just didn't get the drift that the young "assailant" would shoot himself in the head at that weak an order given. I mean, I know he's brainwashed by the main assailant but... nah, it just didn't fit with me.

I am probably going to give it another go, though. Maybe I just needed to be in the right mood and wasn't for that movie. If it fails my test a second time... fuck it.

Have you watched this movie?


    Nice characters, and the plot is to good.
    What are the chances that they wind up at their folks home?
    He makes it believable.
  • I need to revisit this one. I barely remember it except it was popular and I had seen it when I was about 16 or so I think. It was an ongoing joke with a friend of mine because his house was the last house on the left of his block too.
  • I think the best word to describe this film is "campy"

    I have to agree with Woof on the idea that this movie was wonderful. It was most definitely a fantastic breakthrough for Wes Craven.

    Although the folky music music may seem incredibly cheesy and the acting sub-par, it did embody the generation. Much like the old guy from the second Poltergeist movie, the character "Krug" played by David Hess, gave me a serious case of the willies. Although the cinematic quality was a bit too overt, the plot was excellent. This is definitely a cult classic worthy of any video collection.
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