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when are they going to make that machete movie

edited November -1 in Grindhouse Film
hey grindhouse when are you going to make that machete movie? I think you should make it then release it on HD DVD. If you need help writting the script you can email me.


  • We are but not related to Robert or Quentin. I think Machete is already made and out soon on DVD? Nope, I was wrong according to IMDB.
  • On the Planet Terror DVD commentary track Rodriguez explains that Machete was filmed exclusively to be used as a fake trailer for the Grindhouse movie. He said that it was fun to make because all he did was go around shooting "money shots". He originally did plan on making a full length version several years ago, around the time of Desperado. So, alas, there is no feature length version, nor apparently will there be.
  • I think we might still see it. I hope so.

    "Although originally announced to be released direct-to-DVD as an extra on the Planet Terror DVD, the film is now being produced as a theatrical release." (According to Danny Trejo).

    Some more information from Robert, and others at Wikipedia
  • it was suppose to be out in august of this year but obviously that fell through
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