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(new) Grindhouse Screenings

edited November -1 in Movie Discussion
I co-run a film screening group at Manchester Met. University called TRAUMA (, we show traumatic cinema, either in terms of content, production, theory or aesthetics.

We have our Christmas Special comming up and although we have shown a lot of "trash cinema" in the past we are thinking of going all out with a Grindhouse Day.

We are going to show commercial (revisited) grindhouse cinema, by this I mean post 80's... which is obviously easy now with the release of deathproof and planet terror. We are going to show...

Ms. 45
Abel Ferrara

Black Snake Moan
Craig Brewer

Quentin Tarantino

Planet Terror
Robert Rodriguez

We are going to start at 10am and run through till 6pm when we get kicked out of the screening room with 20 min breaks for a smoke but the screening room will carry on showing old trailers for grindhouse releases in these smoking breaks... that's the plan anyway.


I need to get hold of some old trailers for grindhouse releases... any ideas?

We want to make it feel like a grindhouse cinema (but without any shootings, guys wacking off/shooting up in the corner, dead bodies festering for days etc. etc. etc.)... any ideas?
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