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Fake Movie Trailers in 'Grindhouse'

edited November -1 in Grindhouse Film
I found the fake movie trailers by Rob Zombie, Eli Roth, etc. to be a great addition to these movies. My main question is, why are they not included on either DVD release for 'DeathProof' or 'Planet Terror'? Their exclusion is a huge let down. Other opinions?


  • It's a shame. It should be included.

    ps. does anybody if it's 100% that the trailer The Machete is being made to a film?
  • I have heard rumors that they might be releasing Death Proof and Planet Terror together with all the fake trailers in between as Grindhouse on dvd sometime in the future, but i'm not sure if that is true. I hope it is.
  • On the second disc of the Planet Terror DVD is a featurette called 10 Minute Film School. In it, Rodriguez mentions that a 2 disc Grinhouse DVD will be released, containing the film as it played in theaters. So if you want to relive those great trailers, you'll have to buy a third DVD apparently.
  • bummed about the 3rd dvd but i'll buy it because im a bitch
  • all the trailers are on youtube. i think they should make all these trailers full length features . i would love that shit. wouldnt everyone
  • They are releasing a 2 disc Grindhouse dvd. And "zombi" is right. All of the trailers are on "Youtube". Enjoy!!!!
  • They need to do a movie Machete!!! that looked like best movie ever!
  • You can watch Grindhouse as it was shown in theatres (both movies together, with fake trailers) on Starz On Demand.
  • Machete must be made, even though this is a fake trailer, this looks like it would be an awesome flick. We have seen the trailer numerous times. My son and I are big Grindhouse freaks, and hope someone hears us that we would spend money to see this film, if you can keep the same guys that did the trailer. I love Cheech in all the movies he does, he was great in Dusk Till Dawn.
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