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Every rare Halloween dvd for sale!

Its time kids gather round your TV set for the horror-thon.

Yes Autumn is upon us and with it Halloween! so what better time to stock up on the alternate and rare versions of the films we all know and love?

head there to see whats avaiible! All for 70 dollars you can have the whole set loose. Or if your ULTRA fussy and have the extra
cash to sapre you can have the whole set with covers AND cases for 165 Dollars.

Also if you want a film seperate they go for 25 loose or 35 boxed!

I am now also offering Grindhouse the full theatrical cut along with Death Proof's newly re-edited cut.

Plus coming soon Halloween 8 Workprint with Nora's death scene and more alternate footage!

Paypal is

if you want to buy a combination of films loose or boxed e-mail me here for a price!
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