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Film buff new to the grindhouse genre

edited November -1 in Movie Discussion
Hey, I'm pretty sure there aren't many members active on this forum (there very well could be soon...) but I was hoping maybe someone would stumble upon this thread.

I've always been massively into films, favorites being Leon, Fight Club, Easy Rider, Evil Dead and loads more, but I've never gone that deep into grindhouse. Always loved zombie films though, and used to watch B-movies as a kid.

Anways, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some quality grindhouse movies? No specific subgenre, just ones that you like.

I appreciate that there's google and all that, but reading an article and actually asking someone are two different things. Plus, I just want a little poke in the right direction to get me going.


  • It seems that many of your favorite movies are also mine. But as far as grindhouse flicks go, a few titles that I love are Unholy Rollers, Fearless Fighters, Sleepaway Camp, I Spit on Your Grave, Sonny Chiba's Bodyguard, Master of the Flying Guillotine, Friday the 13th, Werewolves on Motorcycles, and Blackenstein.
  • Friday the 13th: is that a grindhouse movie?
    I'haven't really had the opportunity to be close to the grindhouse era, but is this flick one? It is so generally accepted and thereby not grindhouose material to me.
    I'm also having questions about the Troma label; is it grindhouse material or is it a stupid thought?

    I got the general idea about the exploitation character of the grindhouse genre, but it is difficult to put some titles under this category.
  • Grindhouse AWESOME!!!
  • I consider the first Friday the 13th (perhaps even the second) to be grindhouse fare. It's a horror/slasher flick with T&A and high levels of gore. It's perfect.
  • that broadens my perspective on grindhouse
  • I found Friday the 13th really, really dull. I like good film, and I know everyone bangs on about it being so great, but I was bored stupid. And there wasn't really high levels of gore. Don't get me wrong, to each their own, I just didn't enjoy it.

    Anyways, I've gone and did a little searching myself and found; Superfly, Faster Pussy Cat Kill! Kill!, Shogun Assassin and The Wild Angels. I've only watched Superfly which is pretty cool, occasionally crippled by duffed lines and poor acting, which adds to the charm really, and Faster Pussycat which is great. Satana is stunning.

    And Vex, I'll check out those ones you suggested and let you know how I get on.

  • "don't answer the phone"
    about every 5 minutes a lady comes home and slowly takes her clothes off. The killer, obviously, lookes at her while she undresses and kills her after she shows her boobies.
    The psycho killer is surprisingly credible and t&a are also ok.
    I recommend.
  • G'day! CleoPatra Jones isn't really Grindhouse it's part of the Shaft era of Blaxploitation, but a worthy film of the genre, also watch Truck Turner, top shelf jive talkin smut. Lastly seek out, The Doll Squad and, Women behind Bars.
  • Wait! In my previous post I said I found Friday the 13th dull. My bad, I got it confused (some how) with Halloween. I DID enjoy Friday the 13th and didn't think much of Halloween.

    Here's a huge list that I've put together with your help and looking around elswhere:
    The last house on the left
    Death race 2000
    Snake in the eagle’s shadow
    Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song
    Omega Man
    Seven Samurai
    Vampyros Lesbos
    Les Visiteurs
    Bad Boy Bubby
    Sex And Fury
    Princess Blade
    The Conformist
    Nam's Angels/ the losers
    The Trip
    Women in Cages
    Unholy Rollers
    Fearless Fighters
    Sleepaway Camp
    I Spit on Your Grave
    Sonny Chiba's Bodyguard
    Master of the Flying Guillotine
    Werewolves on Motorcycles
    The psycho killer
    CleoPatra Jones
    Truck Turner
    The Doll Squad
    Women behind Bars

    That's it so far. This should keep me busy for a while. Now I just gotta get myself a job...
  • "Gore-Met: Zombie Chef from Hell"
    a movie for the patient viewer.
    There is a scene where the zombie chef dances with two naked chicks and a dressed one. It's a scene about 5 minutes long and really nothing happens.
    More scenes like this but also a great duel between the zombie chef and it's maker. where telekinese is being used.

    Furhter more, the soundtrack is develish good.
  • One of my favorite movies is evil dead as well. I love it with a passion. I am somewhat of a movie buff myself and am also fairly new to the Grindhouse and B-movie genre, but a few that I know and recommend are:

    Sleepaway camp 1 & 2
    Cannibal Holocaust
    Dead Alive
    Cannibal The Musical
    The Toxic Avenger
  • I just bought "Sleepaway Camp" for 0,50 cents together with "Mountain of the Cannibal God".
    Bloody Pompoms
    The Night of a 1000 Cats
    The Arena
    each 0,50 cents (VHS of course)

    I've only seen Mountains.. and I loved it. Nice dickslashingscene and some nudity. Didn't like the animal cruelty but I'm a pussy when it comes to that.
  • cannibal ferox and
    house on the edge of the park

    are some must sees as well as some herschell gordon lewis movies such as

    blood feastand
    wizard of gore
  • In the sexploitation sub-genre I highly recommend Russ Meyer's Beyond the Valley of the Ultravixens. In my opinion it's way more accomplished and entertaining than Faster Pussycat or Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, his two most widely seen movies. As for horror, I suggest the Basket Case trilogy, as well as anything by Troma films or Stuart Gordon. Incidentally, mentok, The Conformist and Seven Samurai are foreign art films, not grindhouse, but both are still well worth seeing.
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