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What's up with this forum?

edited November -1 in Movie Discussion
Man, as far as forums go, this one is completely dead.

Anyway, I picked up Sonny Chiba's "Bodyguard" for fifty cents at the local Dollar Tree and I'm a little upset: they digitally censored the nudity with pixels. But then again, I did only pay fifty cents for it.

This weekend I'll be grabbing up TNT Jackson, Street Fighter (to replace the one that ended up in our yard sale), and the double feature of Get Christie Love and Lady Cocoa, all from Walgreens.

And don't forget... this coming Tuesday sees the DVD release of Tarantino's unedited and uncensored Death Proof!


  • Im in the midst of buying "Shaft in Africa". I can't wait.

    Further, I have initiated a monthly film evening in Groningen (The Netherlands). It's called WOOF! after the Video Hounds Golden Movie Retriever. It's starting on 4 october.
    I know 'you all' r from the States but maybe you know some people in Holland that like '70 '80 flicks.
    The first two titles are: Phantom Empire and Gore-Met.
    The invitation is on the following link. If it doesn't work, please tell me, so I can try it differently.

    About the forum: Let's start reanimating!
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