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$1.00 DVDs

edited November -1 in Movie Discussion
I got lucky yesterday and picked up Black Cobra and Black Cobra 2 as a double feature on a $1.00 DVD. They're both Italian action flicks starring Fred Williamson. I also picked up Death Rode a Horse (spaghetti western starring Lee Van Cleef) on a double feature DVD for the same price. Add to that about three double feature '70s kung-fu DVDs.

Hitting the Dollar Trees, .99 cent stores, and Wal-Marts for these dollar gems has become my favorite new hobby.


  • I'm only buying old VHS.
    The rental shops now sell their old vhs for maybe 1 euro a piece. That's how I spent my days.

    Two weeks ago I bought The Hills have Eyes (original), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) and Alligator for 3 euro's total.
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