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Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town

edited November -1 in Movie Discussion
A motorcycle gang existing only of chicks, who call themselves 'cycle sluts', terrorize a small village. Only they don't know that a crazy scientist has an army of zombies (each time they appear, they are accompanied by a weird carnavalesque soundtrack. Why I don't know). The scientist wants to kill the sluts and make them into zombies. You guess what comes next....

Director Dan Hoskins succeeded in making an non-gore, none-erotic, non-gripping film that still found a way to excite me.

Somebody seen it?


  • It "stars" Martha Quinn (original MTV veejay). Passable early '90s straight to video that would make Joe Bob Brigs happy. It would have been a whole helluva lot better if it had some nude lesbian scenes and heavy gore.
  • AND we mustn's forget a very talented Billy Bob Thornton as a redneck hillbilly.
  • Hey whoa, I hope that wasn't sarcasm. The Man Who Wasn't There?
  • It ain't one of his best achievements...
  • I thought he was perfect in The Man Who Wasn't There.
  • G'day! this is a enjoyable trashy flick but it's certainly not a grindhouse, it's Troma ! Theres a difference mate!
  • Haven't seen this one. I'll add it to my list for sure. I'll try to make the distinction at some point for the site, that it doesn't have to focus 100% on grindhouse only type films but should also welcome similiar genres. Myself, I'm especially into b movies, cult films, of a horror theme.
  • hear, hear!
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