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Hostel Part 2

edited November -1 in Movie Discussion
I'm a big fan of Eli Roth, especially after Hostel. So, when I saw that a workprint for Part 2 was leaked, I couldn't resist. Roth enticed me with his commercials stating how the ending is going to change horror movies forever.

Hostel Part 2 is similar to the first one, except you already know what's going to happen and how bad it gets. Part 2 has really good build up and great gore. The killings are pretty brutal and sense provoking. The story is a little flat because it's already been done, but there are still a lot of moments of suspense.

As for the revolutionary ending? Nope. It's been done, but maybe not on that level in a mainstream movie. Want to know what it is? Too bad. Go see the movie.

I give it a rating of 7/10, mostly for the suspense and gore. It gets the schiz approval.

I can't wait to see the finished product this weekend in the theaters! See you there!


  • actually hostel2 is rather mainstream movie in comparison even with 1st hostel.
    the plot is very poor. its all clear from the beginning who is who and what will happend next.
    the actions of the characters are predictible.
    i can`t say that the film is brutal and so one, but there are still some interesting moments(the torture of the first girl)
    i think the film is tather ordinary and dull for such an interesting and reach theme
    i give it 4 out 10. sorry
  • yeah, I have to agree with Zodiac. I really can't stand Eli Roth's movies.
  • This thread is pretty old but ask me if i care.

    The first Hostel was quite dull overall, it had some pretty excruciating gore scenes but some were just to ludacrious to be entertaining on any level[honestly, falling on a chainsaw?]

    cabin fever was actually entertaining and at least worth a watch

    but after the failure of hostel after the hype it recieved there is no way in hell im going to bother watching the 2nd one which comes out next week on dvd i think
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