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Grindhouse Fridays at Midnight

edited November -1 in Movie Discussion
IFC TV has Grindhouse Fridays at Midnight. Killers, Chicks, Zombies & Dicks.

Fridays at midnight: cult classics, exploitation, action, horror - terrible taste and incredible movies you won't see anywhere else.

Already shown so far:

Reservoir Dogs
Apr. 6 at midnight ET

The film that transformed Quentin Tarantino from an obscure screenwriter to the most influential new filmmaker of the 1990s.

House of 1,000 Corpses
Apr. 13 at midnight ET

Rocker Rob Zombie takes his cue from 1970s horror classics like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in this throwback shocker.

Apr. 20 at midnight RT

Twisted Sister's Dee Snider wrote and stars in this film about a internet-savvy psycho with a fondness for extreme piercings.

Coming Up!

Graveyard of Honor
Apr. 27 at midnight

A sociopathic Japanese mobster can't seem to stay out of trouble in this epic from yakuza chronicler Kinji Fukasaku.


  • I can't wait to check it out. IFC is one of my favorite channels!
  • i wish i had IFC, this is way old right now and they were mainly tryign to ride the populatiry of the recently released robert rodriguez and quentin tarantino thing but it's still worth watching i imagine

    either way, like i said, i dont have the station
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