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Grindhouse - The Movie

edited November -1 in Grindhouse Film
Grindhouse is a 2007 anthology film: a double feature consisting of two feature-length segments directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino bookended by trailers for "coming attractions," advertisements, and in-theratre announcements reminicent of those typical in US theaters in the 1970s. The film's name comes from the slang term "grindhouse," that refers to a type of theater in the United States. During the 1960s and continuing through to the 1980s, these theaters would typically show double or even triple features of exploitation films.

Rodriguez's feature is a zombie film entitled Planet Terror. Set in a rural Texas town, a deadly gas is released into that air that causes many of its inhabitants to become infected and turn into festering, zombie-like creatures.

Tarantino's segment is called Death Proof. In it, a crazed stunt man targets young women, murdering them with his "death proof" stunt car. Each segment is preceded by faux trailers for exploitation films in other genres.

Have you seen it? What did you think?


  • I saw these movies opening night. I really enjoyed them, especially "Planet Terror," because it was so reminiscent of the great movies which it was paying homage to. "Death Proof" was also a classically done Tarantino flick, and it was incredible. All in all I would rate these two movies at 8.5/10. The trailers added a little more pizazz to the film. I am a 16 year old kid who is a big fan of all Grindhouse movies, and my father, who took me to this movie, said that the experience was very much like the old drive in movie days. My favorite trailer was probably "Don't!" by Edgar Wright. With the trailers added to the movies, I would give "Grindhouse" a smooth 9.5/10, because it was a very satisfactory way to spend an afternoon at the movies.
  • I saw these movies and they F-ckin rock!!! I want the DVD ASAP!!! GRINDHOUSE! GRINDHOUSE! GRINDHOUSE! P.S. Rose McGowan is hot in this movie!!
  • Awesome movies. Two big thumbs up. Loved the Thanksgiving trailer, that trampoline scene was the bomb. :)
  • i think:wow grindhouse is a realy realy cool moovie cause i realy also like rose mcgowen...can i get to know her? :D about the moovie..she acts excelente also like alyssa milano and hollie marie combs
    grindhouse realy realy ROOLS :D
  • ja rose mcgowen is hot in this moovie :D
  • GRINDHOUSE ROOOOOOOOOOLEZ! Q.T is the best f*kin director
    it was great idea to make such a double feature project.
    they are mad. Rose is really "charmed" =)
  • anyone know when this comes out on dvd?
  • Death Proof gets released on September 18th. Planet Terror still has no release date as far as I know.
  • This maybe a little off the subject, but does anyone know what kinda mustang that was in the second part of death proof, the yello and black one?
  • 72'Mustang or the "Lil' Pussy Wagon".
  • G'day! well all my mates - Australia doesn't get Grindhouse at all, as yet nothing has been released, however Death Proof (full extended cut) gets released in cinemas next Month, I've already ordered my DVD from Amazon, can't wait I'm afraid. Its release got pulled Months ago when it flopped in the states and I've waited ever since. Anyway, hope I like it as much as I hope I do. In the meantime I've been watching Death Race 2000 and Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry to keep me satisfyed. It's just a shame Mickey Rourke was replaced by Kurt Russell, or is it?
  • Grindhouse is one of my favorite movies! i loved everything about it. Not one flaw could I spot. It definitely reminded me how much fun you could have going to the movies again. But to answer Vex, out of what i know, it sounds like planet terror is coming out on October 16th. That's what i have heard anyway.
  • planet terror was an instant classic

    death proof was a colossal failure

    seeing death proof by itself on dvd took a little pressure off of it but it's still not as great of film as it could have been
  • I Loved Them Both, In Fact, I'm Now Writng My Own Grindhouse Screenplay,It's In The Working's right Now, But I'm eXXXcited Anyway... ( LAUGHS ), I Loved Michael Biehn In " PLANET TERROR ", I Just Received A Double Feature Grindhouse DVD, With The 1978 Film, " COACH " With Cathy Lee Crosby And Michael Biehn, And " THE BEACH GIRLS ", With The Cool Previews And Stuff...., It WAS AWESOME To See Robert Rodriguez And Quentin Tarantino, Bring The Grindhouse Experience Back To LIFE!!!
  • 2 november is the day.
    Were a bit slow in The Netherlands so my initiation of Planet Terror is on the 2nd of november.
    I've already seen Death Proof and loved it! QT really created an atmosphere that is grindhouse.
    I've ordered the book Grindhouse from America and was absolutely flabbergasted by the making of the Thanksgiving trailer. Read it!
  • You can watch Grindhouse as it was shown in theatres (both movies together, with fake trailers) on Starz On Demand.
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