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edited November -1 in Movie Discussion
Lesbian chic films.


  • "Vendetta" is your average women-in-prison flick of a seriously cheese-tastic nature.

    "Gia" is a made for HBO film starring Angelina Jolie which is based on the life and death of a cover model who just happens to be a lesbian.

    Basically all of the older films of John Waters have lesbian undertones if not all-out vulgar displays--Pink Flamingos, Desperate Living, Female Trouble, etc.

    I'll keep them coming and I think of them...
  • I saw Gia, didn't see Vendetta. Wasn't impressed with Gia.

    I think it was HBO back in the mid-80s that ran several lesbian chick films concurrently late at night. Maybe it was Showtime. At any rate I remember watching them as a young kid and thinking they were so cool.
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