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edited December 2010 in Movie Discussion

Exploitation film genres are weird; pornochanchada is fun, though soft-core, and more than a little entertaining. However, when you spell it out, it sounds more than a little weird. This is the scenario: A friend comes over, asks what you’re watching. You say, “pornochanchada”, and try to explain the genre. “Oh, it’s soft-core, Brazilian porn comedy.” “…huh?” That would be correct; pornochanchada is soft-core Brazilian porn with a comedic twist. Sao Paolo, one of those cities we’re constantly being subjected to tourist commercials about, is where pornochanchada was invented, –later on, the films were produced and filmed in one of the most crime saturated cities on the planet. Pornochanchada is probably one of the most benign things to come out of Brazil.

Two of the most famous actresses to be involved in pornochanchada are Vera Fischer and Sônia Braga. Vera Fischer was a Brazilian Playboy model, and was best known for her role in a Brazilian adaptation of The Graduate, A Primeira Noite de Um Homem in 2004, and the classic pornochanchada “A Superfêmea” released in 1973. Sônia Braga is still a very prominent Brazilian actress; she’s recently accepted a role in the Brazilian version of Desperate Housewives, and even her niece, Alice Braga, has been in big budget films, such as I Am Legend, with Will Smith.

One of the most popular pornochanchadas is O Bem Dotado, 1978, about a shy country boy from a little town called Itu. For some reason, everything in Itu is unnaturally large. He’s invited to work in the home of a rich woman in the city; she eventually gets a look at his huge er… qualities. Another, is Lua-de-Mel e Amendoim, 1971, about the exploits of two young men in Brazil; the film is segmented, so one guy gets the camera for one segment, the other, in the next segment.
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