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Anthology Horror Shows

edited December 2010 in Movie Discussion

As horror hosts and old fashioned TV began dropping out of style, and recording films began o cost less, the horror anthology show was born. The list of series is longer than anything you’ll find on Wikipedia, just so you know. For example, did you know that Robert Englund hosted two horror anthology series? Yup! Some of the most popular television shows in history, are anthology series, –like the reigning horror champ: The Twilight Zone. You’d be hard pressed to find a single person in the civilized world who hasn’t heard of the show, not to mention seen a bit of a show. The horror anthology series has mostly been left dead, on the side of the road.

Not that there hasn’t been some attempts at bringing it back to life. For example, Masters of Horror, –great show, had fabulous episodes, each story self-contained. It even spawned a knock-off, –Fear Itself, which was equally well-produced. But neither lasted very long. Masters of Horror aired in 2005, only to finish in 2007, and Fear Itself was canceled after a single season. There was even a shot at a similar show for the sci-fi genre, called ‘Masters of Science Fiction, –but it only aired four out of its six episodes, and lasted less than a month.

What caused our favorite grisly horror directors, makers of some of the greatest cult horror and grindhouse horror films, to be unable to hold our attention? There were zombies, giant bug people… and everything we expect in a good, cheap b-horror anthology. They had all the bases covered, and yet…

Later on this month, I’m going to explore a few more of the horror anthology series, our favorite shows, and our favorite episodes in them. In the meantime, readers, what’s your favorite horror anthology series? Your favorite episode of Tales from the Crypt? Or The Twilight Zone? And can you guess which horror anthology series lasted the longest? And where did the horror anthology have its roots? You might just be surprised!
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