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Horror Host Interviews

edited December 2010 in Movie Discussion
While looking up info on some of our favorite horror hosts, I came across an AMAZING interview! Scott Ruth managed to land an interview with not one popular horror host, but over ten! Kick ass! Here’s a small peek at the interview:

When did your love for all things horror begin?

Joe Bob Briggs — “Oddly enough, it was a flick called “Wolfen” that people don’t watch
much anymore. Despite starring A-list upper-class Brit Albert Finney, it
scared the proverbial doo-doo out of me and, among other distinctions,
was the first film to effectively make use of the Steadicam. Ravening
supernatural wolves rampaging through the South Bronx. YES

Count Gore De Vol — “That’s a pretty big assumption. I don’t love all things horror. theirs literally hundreds of horror movies that I dislike with a passion. what I do like are scary movies and stories and to scare me takes a lot of creativity and talent. My love for scary began at a very young age with scary movie trailers for movies my parents wouldn’t let me see.”

Ormsby — “Early. My mother when I was little in the 1970s always tuned the tv to Chiller (channel 11 would show host-less horror movies each week here in the New York area), Kolchak the Night Stalker, and Dark Shadows. So growing up I had a steady diet of horror every day. Most Kinder gardeners knew Big Bird, I knew Bela Lugosi.”

Bone Jangler — “Well, I’m an ancient, immortal, evil being. So, it just kind of comes with the territory.”

Read the full interview HERE!
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