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edited December 2010 in Movie Discussion

Hixploitation films are some of America’s favorite exploitation varieties of horror; there’s so many awesome, gory, disgusting examples; like Deliverance, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn, and about a billion others. Hixploitation films exploit, well, hicks, but more specifically, southerners, though not always. Most popular among the hicks to be exploited, are Texans and West Virginians. For some reason, those two states just resonate with evil, incest-crazed atmosphere. Of course, in reality, these areas are actually part of the Southern Bible belt, in which there are probably millions of churches, and millions of devout Christians.

But to the Yankees, southern people look strange, have strange customs, like cooking, cleaning, going to church, not getting divorced, and that all-time favorite, staying home to take care of their kids. All right, but seriously, there’s always been a division between north and south, and that division spawned the hixsploitation genre. From old to new, classic to crap, hixsploitation films are favorite, and they appeal to teens as well, because many include the slasher element to raise the adrenaline levels. Here are a few of our favorites:

Deliverance – Deliverance isn’t just a hixploitation film about the dangers of river-rafting through the wilderness, but it’s also a statement about homosexuality. I’m not sure what it is exactly, since it’s hidden under all the ass rape and violence, but it’s there.

Wrong Turn – A perfect example of what happens when you are somehow, your own grandpa. A group of twenty-somethings end up lost in the woods of West Virginia, and get eaten, and brutally murdered by some backwoods good ol’ boys… that just happen to have some raging deformities.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – When people think of this film, they’re often throwing it under the ‘slasher’ category, but not so, since TCM has all the elements of a great hixploitation film; trailers, crazy old white people, and violent, physically deformed southerners.
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