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Pinku Eiga

edited December 2010 in Movie Discussion

Despite the aesthetic qualities of the name, a pink film isn’t a movie about Barbies, and it’s definitely not as cute and feminine as it sounds. Then again, if you’re a female partial to softcore Japanese porn, then maybe. But contrary to popular belief, a softcore porno can be a little more ‘hardcore’ than the American Skinemax standards set forth in the late 80′s and early 90′s. The Skinemax films (like I need to tell you when to see them?) featured in American television, typically limit themselves to depictions of lesbian sex, and some light BDSM.

But a Pinku Eiga, literally meaning, ‘pink film’, can depict scenes of graphic rape, torture, and BDSM, –erotic scenes of violence that, despite the explicit overall appearance, never show full male or female nudity. In the definitive softcore porno, you’ll be subjected to an hour or more, of an asinine plot, with a liberal scattering of barely-revealing scenes of expertly choreographed sex. I say ‘expertly’, because they’ve engineered each encounter to show absolutely no genitalia.

Pink films that gained some notoriety in the 60s and 70s:

Flesh Market (Nikutai no Ichiba), 1962 – Considered to be the first ‘pinku eiga’, Flesh Market tells the ‘story’ of three women kidnapped by a sadistic lunatic, and forced to ‘entertain’ his co-workers, and friends.

Terrifying Girls’ High School Series (Kyofu Joshi Koko), ’72-’73 - This film series was part of the blossoming ‘pinky violence’ film genre that began developing in the late 60s, and early 70s. It features sex in the midst of a delinquent girls’ school plagued with an overabundance of dramatic violence.

Legend of the Big Penis: Beautiful Mystery, 1983 – One of the first gay pink films; not a lot of gay porn comes out of Japan, even today, and the director surprised audiences in 1983 with a softcore gay porno.
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