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edited December 2010 in Movie Discussion

Shocksploitation is probably one of the most popular genres of grindhouse cinema around today, because people tend to connect grindhouse with violent movies featuring explicit subject matter. While this is true, Shocksploitation takes it up a few notches to the extreme, stomach churning-ly disturbing. Of course, as time went by, the scenes had to become more and more disgusting. Shocksploitation films typically depict graphic scenes of rape, incest, violence, bestiality, extremely unhygienic and illegal fetishes, and other horrible things.

Retro Shockploitation:

Pink Flamingos, 1972, directed by John Waters, –pretty gross, but hilarious, not exactly one of the most violent or disturbing cult films out there.

Salo 1976-77, depicts extremely disturbing scenes of sexual torture, –probably best to avoid this one if you have a weak stomach.

The Last House on the Left, 1972 – One of the first films by Wes Craven, the Last House on the Left featured graphic scenes of rape, and revenge violence.

Modern Shocksploitation:

House of 1000 Corpses, 2003 – Directed by musician Rob Zombie, the film features various scenes of graphic violence, it’s like an ode to old Texas Chainsaw-style horror movies.

Hostel, 2005 – Part of the rise of modern shocksploitation, films like ‘Hostel’ are most commonly referred to as ‘torture porn’. The film, and others in the genre generally depict graphic torture scenes.

August Underground’s Mordum, 2003 – Literally, the #1 Sickest Movie Ever Made, according to Horror Brain’s list of 10 Sickest Movies. Definitely not for anyone under 18, or with a delicate mental balance.
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