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Cannibal Films

edited December 2010 in Movie Discussion

When most people think of cannibal films, Silence of the Lambs, and all things Hannibal Lecter generally come to the mind. But frankly, there’s a lot more to your Grindhouse style cannibal film then couture cannibalistic tendencies. But when it comes to all time most well-known cannibal movies, is ‘Cannibal Holocaust’, –and it’s fairly diminutive in comparison to all the other awesome cannibal films out there; most of them are foreign films though, so if you’re just now getting interested in cannibal movies, then you need to forgive them for the horrible dubbing, and occasional subtitles-only releases.

Here are a few of the most popular cannibal films, –if you haven’t yet added any of these to your list of favorites, or you’re just starting to get interested in the genre, these are a great place to start:

The Man from the Deep River, or ‘Il paese del sesso selvaggio’ – This one is about a guy taken captive in a Thai jungle, by a native tribe. During his stay, he eventually becomes integrated with the tribe, who is at war with their cannibal natives. Eventually, John, the captured modern-man, gives up his life with civilization, and joins the tribe to fight cannibals. The movie is actually fairly deep, for being an Italian gore flick. Definitely recommend!

The Mountain of the Cannibal God, or ‘La montagna del dio cannibale’ – This film is probably most well known for its animal violence, instead of its ‘people’ violence. A bunch of people with ulterior motives get together on an island, looking for our heroine’s husband. Susan, the heroine, ends up naked, the others end up eaten, and her husband, well… we never actually get to see him alive.

Cannibal Holocaust – Well, we might as well talk about this one a little bit, given that it’s one of the most popular cannibal movies out there; it’s a movie, about a fictional documentary, about Amazon tribes. From there on out, there’s a lot of misrepresented cultures, –mainly those of the poor Amazons, who are depicted in various scenes of debauchery, then of the lunatic filmmakers, who force them into scenes of even more disturbing brutality. It’s a wild ride, so keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle.
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