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Grindhouse Soundtrack

edited December 2010 in Grindhouse Film

The soundtrack from Death Proof is basically filled with classic driving music, some obscure pop tunes, and to be frank, a collection of classic car chase music. In the movies out today, driving scenes are full of heavy metal, hard rock, and god forbid, techno music. One of the most notable songs from the car chasing in Death Proof is Riot in Thunder Alley, from the classic carsploitation flick ‘Thunder Alley.’ There’s also ‘It’s So Easy’ by Willy Deville, which was a theme song from the 1980 cop thriller ‘Cruising’, but you won’t hear it in the theatrical cut of the film.

The soundtrack from Planet Terror is a little more abstract, and for the most part, there’s one continuous theme that changes subtly throughout the course of the film. There were only a couple of songs that weren’t created for the film and composed by Robert Rodriguez, –who’s basically the jack of all trades in the movie business. Rodriguez’s only weakness is ‘Spy Kids’; some useless and potentially disturbing trivia for you: Danny Trejo, who’s set to play Machete in the upcoming Rodriguez feature, also played Machete in Spy Kids.

The only other two songs on the album that weren’t composed in a collaboration with Rodriguez are Too Drunk to Fuck, by Nouvelle Vague, and You Belong to Me, as performed on the soundtrack by Rose McGowan, though originally sung by Sue Thompson, its most popular cover is performed by Jo Stafford.

Death Proof Official Soundtrack:

1. “The Last Race” — Jack Nitzsche
2. “Baby, It’s You” — Smith
3. “Paranoia Prima” — Ennio Morricone
4. “Planning & Scheming” — Eli Roth & Michael Bacall (dialogue)
5. “Jeepster” — T. Rex
6. “Stuntman Mike” — Rose McGowan & Kurt Russell (dialogue)
7. “Staggolee” — Pacific Gas & Electric
8. “The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)” — Joe Tex
9. “Good Love, Bad Love” — Eddie Floyd
10. “Down In Mexico” — The Coasters
11. “Hold Tight!” – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
12. “Sally and Jack (From the Motion Picture Blow Out)” — Pino Donaggio
13. “It’s So Easy” — Willy DeVille
14. “Whatever-However” — Tracie Thoms & Zoë Bell (dialogue)
15. “Riot In Thunder Alley” — Eddie Beram
16. “Chick Habit” – April March

Tracks Not Included:

1. “Violenza Inattesa” — Ennio Morricone
2. “Gangster Story” — Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
3. “Italia a Mano Armata (main theme)” — Franco Micalizzi
4. “La polizia sta a guardare (main theme)” — Stelvio Cipriani
5. “Laisse Tomber Les Filles” — April March
6. “Funky Fanfare” — Keith Mansfield
7. “Twisted Nerve” — Bernard Hermann

Planet Terror Official Soundtrack List:

1. Grindhouse Main Titles
2. Doc Block (Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel)
3. The Sickos (Robert Rodriguez & Graeme Revell)
4. You Belong To Me Performed by Rose McGowan (Pee Wee King, Chilton Price & Redd Stewart)
5. Go Go Not Cry Cry (Robert Rodriguez & Rick Del Castillo)
6. Hospital Epidemic (Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez)
7. Useless Talent #32 Performed by Rose McGowan (Rebecca Rodriguez & Robert Rodriguez)
8. His Prescription. Pain (Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel)
9. Cherry Darling (Robert Rodriguez)
10. The Grindhouse Blues (Robert Rodriguez)
11. El Wray (Robert Rodriguez)
12. Police Station Assault (Robert Rodriguez)
13. Dakota (Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel)
14. Zero To Fifty In Four (Robert Rodriguez)
15. Fury Road (Robert Rodriguez)
16. Helicopters Sicko Chopper (Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez)
17. The Ring In The Jacket (Robert Rodriguez & George Oldziey)
18. Killer Legs (Robert Rodriguez & Rick Del Castillo)
19. Melting Member (Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez)
20. Too Drunk To **** (Performed by Nouvelle Vague (Jello Biafra)
21. Cherry’s Dance Of Death (Performed by CHINGON (Robert Rodriguez)
22. Two Against The World (Performed by Rose McGowan (Rebecca Rodriguez & Robert Rodriguez)
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