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edited December 2010 in Movie Discussion

Machete on the other hand, is still kind of… crawling along. Technically, we’ve already seen the previews, but I really wish they’d start circulating them a little more. Maybe something with less mother-daughter threesome tits, just for the sake of all-audience promotion. It would build up more interest and hype; maybe spur on the producers to get something done and stop cockteasing us. It’s supposed to be out September 3rd, 2010, but don’t make any plans around that date. My favorite review so far:

“I am still shocked to see Jessica Alba and Robert De Niro in a film with Lindsay Lohan, Steven Segal and Don Johnson. I’m unsure if the casting agent has some sort of multiple personality disorder where one personality is semi-competent and the other is a complete nut-job.

It’s as uneven a movie as one would expect from the cast. De Niro is, as always, terrific. I was astounded at the performance that Michelle Rodriguez gave, she completely outclassed Alba.

You will likely score the movie a couple stars better (and enjoy it more) if you don’t try to critically analyze it — or better yet, show up wasted.”

Wha..? You mean that there are people out there who watch grindhouse movies sober?!
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