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Sexploitation Cinema

edited December 2010 in Movie Discussion

The sexploitation genre of cinema is yet another example of the cultural revolution in the western world during the 60s and early 70s. Sexual awakening and free love were storming the country, and everyone was more comfortable than ever with their own bodies. And nudity in the movies was a hit. But the nudity found in 70′s cinema was rarely the hardcore scenes we see in R-rated films and porno movies today. At the time, the nudity found in movies wasn’t usually in sexually explicit situations, –nude men and women would be depicted in showers, swimming, running from monsters while having their dresses convenient tattered, or while submitting to a crazed sex pervert. But they were rarely depicted actually having sex.

The genre films fell into three main categories; nudie cuties, –films featuring nudist women, set within nudist camps, ‘artistic’ films, and ‘roughies’, which generally featured male on female violence, and female nudity. Roughies were usually thrillers and horror.

Lorna, 1964 – Prime example of ‘roughie’, Lorna follows a woman who is sexually awakened after being raped by a convict. She starts inviting men to her home, –until her husband finds out.

The Immoral Mr. Teas, 1969 – One of the first ‘nudie cutie’ style films, that didn’t exactly take place in a nudist camp. It didn’t really make too much sense, –basically, a guy wanders around while scenes of his imagination with nude girls take place, wherever he happens to be.

The Twilight Girls, 1961 – Artistic nude films, more often than not, featured lesbians or bisexual women, –not always engaged in sexual activity, but with plenty of hints to that effect. It follows jealousy, lesbian passion, and infidelity at an elite all girls’ school.
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