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edited November -1 in News
Welcome to Grindhouse!

I've got big plans for this site. Thanks to a revival by the recent Quentin Tarentino and Robert Rodriguez films, I hope to be able to honor the old b movies, cult and exploitation films. Movie reviews, and upcoming movies.

Some of our plans include the creation of our own amateur grindhouse style videos. We'll try to hold contests to encourage and reward our future filmmakers.

While I'm getting help with the site, go ahead and have fun. Seen any good movies lately?


  • thx man keep up the good work cheerz
  • finally!
    Greetings from across the big sea (The Netherlands)
  • the film "grindhouse" got me quite excited because i was really hoping it would cause people to become re-energized on the whole horror and genre type films in general so that i'd finally have some good movies to watch [that arent 20+ years old!]

    judging by the activity ont he site since the release of that film im starting to suspect exactly what i initially thought the resurgence would be: a fad

    please prove me wrong
  • Ketler, I hope not. I wouldn't judge it yet based on this site, since there's not a lot of effort gone into promoting the site and a lot of people probably just don't know we're here yet. I've been busy with another site through the halloween season myself.
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